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When it comes to urgent care treatment, patients do not need to wait to receive the care they need. Far too often, people will sustain a minor injury or contract an illness and find that their regular medical practitioner has no availability until at least several days or weeks later. Urgent care treatment is a professional medical treatment that does not typically require an appointment scheduled ahead of time, allowing the patient to receive a prompt diagnosis and customized treatment plan as soon as possible.

Urgent care treatment is offered at Texas Urgent Care & Imaging Center in New Caney and surrounding areas. This way, patients can receive the necessary care they need, when they need it. When it comes to minor injuries or illnesses, the last thing you want to do is avoid seeking professional treatment. The longer a condition remains untreated, the worse it can get.

If you need to seek treatment for an injury or illness, visit our urgent care for an examination and treatment.

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Benefits of visiting Texas Urgent Care & Imaging Center

Far too often, people will attempt at-home remedies or use store-bought medication to treat health issues instead of professional care. While there may be some temporary relief, most may only numb the symptoms for a small amount of time. With professional treatment, we can help ensure the patient receives the proper care.

There are multiple benefits to visiting an urgent care clinic than just not needing to call ahead. Benefits of visiting our urgent care clinic and imaging center include:

  • Ability to accept walk-in patients
  • Efficient and prompt medical care
  • Access to an imaging center in the same location as the clinic
  • Receiving customized treatment for minor injuries or illnesses
  • Treatment advice on how to further recovery at home
  • Professional guidance and support throughout the treatment process
  • While we can treat minor injuries and illnesses, we also have an imaging center on-site. This means that we can provide X-rays and other types of scans without having the patient schedule an appointment at a separate facility. We can get a more precise view of what is happening inside the patient’s body to help benefit the treatment.

    Regular health checkup

    Even though people are quick to assume that they only need professional medical when they are hurt or sick, regular health checkups are crucial to one’s overall health. With regular checkups, at least once a year, it is possible to detect the early warning signs of conditions or illnesses developing. We can then begin early prevention treatment and recommend how the patient proceeds.

    As the body ages, it may begin to develop health problems that were not there before. In other cases, factors such as drastic weight gain, genetics, lifestyle choices can alter a patient’s overall health. During a checkup, we can conduct various forms of physical examinations and tests, including:

  • Sports physicals
  • DOT physicals
  • School physicals
  • Laboratory services
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Drug screening
  • Blood testing
  • STD testing
  • It is typically important to schedule appointments at least once a year. In some cases, patients may need to schedule more frequent checkups.

    Imaging Center

    An imaging center provides X-rays and other forms of scanning the human body to help get a more precise view of internal health issues. When it comes to internal health issues, it is important to get a more detailed view of the issue in order to enhance the treatment. As an urgent care and imaging center, patients do not need to visit a separate location for the scan. Types of scanning we offer patients include X-rays, CT scans .

    With an ultrasound, we can capture more of a series of “real-time images” like a video inside the body to determine what is causing the health issue or pain. Ultrasounds also use soundwaves while X-rays use ionizing radiation. With X-rays, we exercise every precaution to prevent the risk of radiation exposure to the patient. Along with that, the amount of radiation is so small that greatly decreases the risk.

    Minor injury and illness treatment

    We can help treat minor injuries and illnesses, including:

  • Auto injuries
  • Back and neck pain
  • Lacerations
  • Flu symptoms
  • Sprains and minor breaks in limbs
  • When it comes to treating minor injuries and illnesses, we will take the time to properly examine the patient and develop the treatment. By using an X-ray machine, we can get a more accurate view of broken or damaged bones. We will also go over at-home care the patient needs to do to further recovery.

    We can schedule follow-up appointments to check up on patients if necessary. Visit us to receive the treatment you need or call us to learn more today.

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