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Unlike playing a sport with friends from time to time, being on a sports team in school means frequent practices and several games at least several times per week. The demand from this schedule can take a toll on the body that can include risks to their overall health if they are not able to handle the strain. Sports physicals involve a medical professional examining various health factors of the patient is able to participate in the sport.

Sports physicals are offered at Texas Urgent Care & Imaging Center in New Caney and surrounding areas. Also known as a PPE, Preparticipation Physical Exam, a sports physical can ensure the patient is healthy enough to participate in the sport without increasing their health risks or harming themselves. If the patient has a pre-existing condition that can make participation in the sport difficult, then we need to know.

If you or a loved one needs a sports physical, visit our clinic today or call us to learn more.

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Reasons for a sports physical

No matter the condition of one’s health, most people will avoid annual checkups or medical visits unless they need medical care for various reasons. Due to that, people will not always realize they have a health issue or condition that can interfere with participating in sports. With a sports physical, we can:

  • Detect any issues or conditions that will make physical activity difficult
  • Ensure the patient is healthy enough to participate in the sport
  • Help recommend and prescribe treatment for certain health conditions
  • Address any concerns the patient might have
  • Offer professional medical advice for various situations
  • Go over effective ways to prevent the likelihood of an injury
  • While some people may assume that this physical and any health issues it finds are trying to prevent an individual from continuing to participate in the sport, the reality is the opposite. This type of physical exam will only give the patient the knowledge they need to become a stronger athlete.

    What to expect during the sports physical

    Since we can accept walk-in appointments as an urgent care clinic, patients do not need to schedule an appointment ahead of time. That being said, it is beneficial for parents/guardians to call if they have questions about the sports physical for their child. We can go over what they will need to bring and what to expect. In most cases, once a child or teen joins a school sports team, they will need to go through a sports physical.

    During the sports physical, we will:

  • Test the patient’s vision and hearing
  • Record the patient’s height and weight
  • Take the patient’s blood pressure and pulse
  • Examine other parts of the body such as the heart and lungs
  • Examine posture, strength, mobility and flexibility
  • Examine joints
  • Check reflexes
  • Genital exam
  • Immunizations
  • We will also need to review the patient’s medical history in order to verify that there is nothing of concern. For instance, participating in the sport could cause a past injury to flare up or re-injure it and cause even more pain.

    Along with that, if the patient takes medication for a specific condition, then we need to know about it. The patient will have to keep track of their medication schedule, being sure they take it regardless of practices or games.

    Keeping an eye on one’s health

    While physical activity can be healthy for one’s body and keep them fit, sports can cause risks to the patient. Health issues that can hinder a patient’s ability to participate in a sport include:

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Eating disorders
  • Family history of heart issues or other condition
  • Injuries in bones, joints or the spine
  • Epilepsy condition or seizures
  • Allergies
  • Skin problems or conditions
  • Vision problems
  • These are only a few of the possible conditions that we will need to know about. The patient will need to keep an eye on these health factors while participating in the sport. Our sports physical can also provide the patient with advice on areas they can improve their health. We can also recommend specific stretches to help ease the strain on areas of the body from certain sports.

    Visit us today

    The first step is to visit us and request a sports physical. In many cases, the school or sports team will require us to sign some form as proof of completing the physical. If you are unsure about anything else you might need or want to know what to expect, give us a call to learn more.

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