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While people may assume that truck drivers have the easy life, getting to sit most of the day and drive on the open road, it requires much more effort and skill. In fact, there are health risks that require a patient to receive a DOT, Department of Transportation, physical. A DOT physical reviews the patient’s health and ability to operate a large trucking vehicle, checking for possible health risks.

DOT physicals are offered at Texas Urgent Care & Imaging Center in New Caney and surrounding areas. Required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA, anyone applying to be a truck driver will need to get this examination. Even though other jobs may only sometimes require a general health physical, the driver will not be able to operate large shipping vehicles without it.

If you need a DOT physical or want to learn what you need to bring beforehand, give us a call or visit our clinic today.

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Reason for a DOT physical

Driving large shipping containers and vehicles is not an easy task. With limited to no stops or breaks, drivers need to spend long periods of time on the road sitting at the wheel. People may not realize that sitting for long periods of time can be a serious health risk. Due to this, drivers must be in excellent health and meet the requirements of a DOT physical.

During a DOT physical, we will:

  • Review the patient’s physical and mental health
  • Follow specific protocol and fill out a federal form
  • Test the patient’s pulse and blood pressure
  • Test the patient’s vision
  • Test the patient’s hearing
  • Conduct a urinalysis test
  • As an urgent care clinic, we can offer patients the DOT physical they need as soon as possible. Since this physical requires a specific form and protocol, it is important for the patient to have everything they need before arriving for the physical.

    What you will need

    Unlike traditional health checkups and physicals, the patient will need to take several steps for a DOT physical. Here are a few of the things the patient will need for the DOT physical.

    Medical records

    If the patient does not have records already on hand, it is important to have their primary care physician send the patient a copy of the records to bring to this physical. While we have new patients fill out a “New Patient Information Form” before the appointment, these comprehensive records are much more detailed. We will use this information to review the patient’s medical history.

    Details on any health conditions

    If there are any pre-existing medical conditions the patient is aware of, then we need to know. These conditions can include:

  • Diabetes
  • Sleep apnea
  • High blood pressure
  • Vision issues
  • Hearing problems
  • Narcolepsy
  • These are only a few of the possible health issues that can impair driving and place the patient and other drivers on the road at risk. If the patient has information on these conditions in their records or other information that we need to know, then they need to bring it with them. We can go over anything else the patient needs to bring in regard to this over the phone.

    Complete list of current medications

    If the patient is on any medications, they need to bring a complete list of them. With this, we can take their condition and medication needs into account. Any side effects from consuming the medication that affects the patient will need to be taken into account. The list will need to include the strength and dosage of the medication, along with the doctor who prescribed it to the patient.

    Any forms the trucking company needs the doctor to fill out

    If there are any forms that the specific company needs to have filled out by us, they need to bring them. We will go through the proper protocol and ensure everything is completed properly for the patient. While we can accept walk-ins, it may be beneficial to call ahead when seeking a DOT physical.

    Visit us today

    A DOT physical is one of the major steps in the patient’s career of becoming a truck driver. This exam ensures the patient is healthy to drive without endangering themselves or the other people on the road. If you have any questions about this exam or need one, visit our clinic with all the required items and information explained above or call us to learn more.

    We will see you as soon as we are able. Call us to learn what you need so you are prepared and can take the DOT physical right away to continue on your path toward being a truck driver.

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